a Trustee’s Report to the Macedon Library Board

The First Minutes of the Town of Macedon, dated 1823, have made the transition from the finder, Sally Millick, to Judy Gravino and the Town Board, to the Bullis Room Committee at the MPL, and to the specialist who will be creating a folder and whatever is needed to restore and protect the original First Minutes of the Town of Macedon.


  • The 1816 Farmington Quaker Meeting House, which certainly duly served the Macedon Community even before it was officially given that name, has established a Board of Trustees along with the expanding Steering Committee to oversee the restoration of not only the building, but the expansion of many good projects from this area. Currently The National Park Service is creating a reconnaissance study. The community is also honored to have the renowned John G. (Jack) Waite of the project’s National Advisory Team, overseeing this project. Mr. Waite has just been awarded the National 2009 Institute Honor Award for Architects by the American Institute of Architects.
  • A Sacred Site potential Grant is under consideration for this extensive, historical area which again – duly touches into the Town and Village of Macedon proper.
  • A co-operative group newly named the Macedon Bridge Builders is now meeting monthly on the third Thursday, after The Friends of MPL gathering. Currently it consists of Sally Millick, Denie Johnston and Carol Deys. Two more – John Cieslinski and Maryanne Miller of BOOKS, ETC. are also part of this expanding group. We are focusing upon the many historical treasures which surround us in this area, and plan to continue celebrating their historical value. Currently we are also celebrating the first oral history recording made by the Macedon Memory Makers of the Friends of MPL.
  • John and Maryanne of BOOKS, ETC. also host The Wayne County Writers’ Group which meets biweekly here in Macedon. There is a newly evolving Small Business Council which has an open discussion on the needs and opportunities for small business in our own area. The first meeting on the 17th was a rousing success. John has also been the impetus for our BIG READ which has inspired The Friends of MPL and two other libraries in many ways. There was an article in this month’s Chamber of Commerce news letter which mentions not only the project, but also our library’s intent to read and celebrate “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan.

All of the above are reasons for celebration. The expansion of history and the needs of local people are intensively important in ANY given community. It IS a time of hope and the value system of our community has long been established. How honored we are to live here, and participate in its integral wavelength.

Carol Elaine Deys, Trustee – MPL, recording for The Community at large.

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