2017 Review

2017 Review

The year was filled with many fine events and important steps forward in the evolution of the 1816 project. Restoration of the building and programs were both featured. Enthusiastic support and participation from so many made 2017 a great start to a third century!

Among the many 2017 programs supported through a Humanities New York grant, we featured several events, often cosponsored with other groups, to celebrate the centennial of women’s suffrage in New York.

A week-long “Vote-tllla,” organized by the Susan. B. Anthony Museum, brought crowds to the banks of the Erie Canal.

The work of our board was greatly amplified by several faithful volunteers, some of whom posed with one of our new interpretive displays.

Original posts and beams which have been stored in the upper level of the build- ing since relocation to its permanent site are now carefully inventoried in preparation for reconstruction of the storm-damaged sixth bay.

An attractive new sign created by Eagle Scout candidate Kurt Erway, adjacent to our future parking area, announces who we are to all who pass by.

The photos are but a sampler of a very active and productive year, indeed!

Our program committee has plans for an upcoming season of sometimes challenging and always educational presentations, which are listed inside this folder. Visit our website for details as each event draws near. We hope to see you as the season unfolds! We appreciate both your participation and financial support as we move ahead with restoration.

Donors 2017

We are deeply grateful for gifts of

time, talent and treasure that together

make this project possible.

Organizational Donors and Grants

$5,000 NYS Council on Humanities

$400 New York Yearly Meeting


$5,000 and up


$500 – 4,999


Thomas & Sue J. Forsyth

George & Mary Hamlin IV

Kenneth & Lucy Harper

Kathleen Hendrix

Steven A. Jarose

Coline Jenkins

Susan G. Lewis

Meg Reed

Judith Wellman

$250 – 499

Susan L. Howard

Peter Ingalsbe

Lyle R. Jenks

Reginald W. & Mary Neale

Preston Pierce

$100 – 249

Byron & Caroline Delavan

Richard & Carol Deys

Frances T. Dreisbach

Gregory D. & Elizabeth Russell

David & Maud Easter

Andrea Faulkner

& William Fugate

Sue Gaffney

Agnes E. Griffith

Mary M. Huth

Wayne B. Jenks

Thomas & Elisabeth Judson

Teresa Lehr

Anna E. W. Morton

Jude Brandt & Grace Moses

Edward E. & Sally S. Mueller

Polly S. Nicholson

Barbara F. Popenhusen

Cherry Rahn & Steven Lee

Rich & Sue Regen

Sylvia E. Rose

Madeline H Schmitt

Cynthia Schwab

Tarry Shipley

Donald and Nance Simkin

Robert Skellan

Marilyn C. Tedeschi

Up to $100

Mark Briggs

Patricia F. Brown

Jane H. Burke

Charles & Caroline Callari

Carol Crossed

James C. & Jody G. Davis

Christopher & Laura Densmore

Ezekiel Densmore

Linda Doyen

Charles Gardner

Barbara Gibbs

Ann D. Gordon

Perry & Dottie Howland

Lee C. & Colleen C. Hurst

Judith L. Jensen

Helen H. Kirker

Jaren Miner

Dolores W. Nelson

Richard Onze

Carl Prostka

Linda B. Smith

Marlene Sutliffe

Grant P. Thompson

Constance A. Valk

Rudolf Vandervelden

Merile A. Waterstraat

Ellen K. Wheeler

In-Kind Contributions

Trustees, NY Yearly Meeting

Francis Caraccilo


Kurt Erway

Jill McLellan & John Tornow

Dave Bruinix

Helen H. Kirker

Wayne Martin & Sons

Board of Trustees

Willie Bontrager

Carol Elaine Deys

Peter Evans

Kenn Harper

Kathleen Hendrix

Lyle Jenks

Helen Kirker

Charles Lenhart

Ann Morton

Reginald Neale

Barbara Popenhusen

Diane Robinson

Cynthia Schwab

Don Simkin

Sue Stehling

Judith Wellman

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