End of Year 2017

End of Year 2017

To our friends of the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse,

As our 200th anniversary year draws to a close, we are writing to thank you for your sustaining support, to give a report on our recent programs as well as progress in restoration of the historic building, and to invite your continued participation.

After many seasons of working to rescue, preserve and stabilize the building we are now ready to engage in actual restoration of the structure. With an historical preservationist from our architectural firm and a specialist in window restoration on site, we have inventoried and evaluated the salvage from destructive storms of a decade ago as well as original windows which have been safely stored for decades. Much of what has been preserved will be incorporated in our restoration efforts. Once the frame is in place, roofing and siding can be installed, all while restoration and reproduction of the windows is being done off-site.

We are eager to fit the first of the restored windows back into place… windows to a world as much in need of witness for peace and justice now as two centuries ago.

With your financial support, this exciting phase of restoration will move forward. As of this writing, we have some $69,000 available for reimbursement of qualifying expenses through our New York State Environmental Protection Fund grant. Your end-of-year tax-deducible contribution will provide essential leverage to proceed with these next steps in restoration of the historic structure.

Many friends and neighbors attended various programs in our 200th anniversary year, often held off-site in partnership with other non-profit organizations with values similar to those we honor, all enabling history to inspire and inform our actions. Several presentations tied into the state-wide centennial celebration of women’s suffrage in New York; others explored the Farmington heritage of involvement in witness for justice for Native Americans and freedom for African Americans as well as our commitment to connecting this history to current issues of justice and peace.

We the board and volunteers, offer gratitude for your interest and support. We look forward to hearing from you this season, and to welcoming you to the 1816 Farmington Meetinghouse as a third century unfolds.

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