Newsletter, October 20,2022

Newsletter, October 20,2022


We had a fine program at the Seneca Art and Culture Center at Ganondagan on October 1. In an informative and entertaining talk before a large audience, Professor Larry Hauptman discussed what he has learned from his fifty years of work with Haudenosaunee people. Professor Hauptman’s lecture is now available on


Many thanks to Evon Cesar at Ganondagan for her welcoming help and technical assistance. Many thanks also to Ansley Jemison, Cultural Liason at Ganondagan, for introducing this program. For more on Ansley Jemison, listen to his Original Peoples Podcast Ongwehonwe: For an important discussion of current land acknowledgement issues, see a WXXI panel discussion with Ansley Jemison and Michael Galban, Site Manager at Ganondagan, at .


Are you concerned about what our young people are learning in schools about Indigenous people? Come to the Seneca Art and Culture Center at Ganondagan on November 12, 2022, 2:00 p.m., to hear educator Marissa Corwin Manitowabi talk about “Haudenosaunee Representation in Elementary Education: Precedents And Possibilities.” She will discuss current practices in teaching Haudenosaunee history and culture in New York State elementary schools. She will also share some new approaches for teaching about Indigenous peoples with accuracy and respect. Thanks to a generous grant from Humanities New York, all programs are free and open to the public. Entrance to exhibits at Ganondagan is by entrance fee.


We now have a robust presence on YouTube, with videos for all of our recent programs, as well as for earlier presentations that remind us of the remarkable history of the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse project. If you have not yet subscribed to our YouTube channel, please do so: . You will be very glad that you did!

Thanks to Dave Bruinx and Stacey Vandenberg, we are also on Instagram

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If you have not yet seen our brief discussions of several underground railroad stories in Farmington for the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom, check them out, too:

Videos of recent programs

Wood Library: Panel on restorative justice:

Wood Library: Lyle Jenks’ on Emily Howland:

Cobblestone Theater: Akwaaba, “Women Who Influenced Frederick Douglass”:

Granger Homestead: “’Yours for Humanity’: Abby Kelley,” Lynn McKenney Lydick:

Farmington Friends Meeting, “’The Promotion of Truth and Practical Goodness’: Quakers,

Women’s Rights, and Race at Seneca Falls, 1848,” Judith Wellman:

Macedon Historical Society, “Contemporary Quaker Witness to Peace and Justice”:

Macedon Historical Society, “General Gordon Granger and Juneteenth,” Peter Evans:

1816 Farmington Meetinghouse, “Dedication of Nature Trail and Honoring of Eagle Scout

Mitchell Hyde,” Dave Bruinix, Peter Ingalsbe; “Seneca-Quaker Meeting in 1816

Meetinghouse, June 1840,” Judith Wellman:

All 2021 programs are available also available:

Links to 2022 programs on YouTube are also now on our website under “Event Coverage.”

Videos of historic events: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018

As I was preparing the list of links to our recent programs, I realized that we also have

several videos of earlier programs. You will enjoy watching our supporters from 2013, 2014,

and 2018. They may have grown older in age, but their commitment to the 1816

Meetinghouse project remains as powerful as ever, promoting the ideals of equality, justice,

and respect for all people that the Meetinghouse stands for:

Helen Kirker, Ted Fafinski, Brian Kolb, Tania Wrebizky (PLNYS)–2013––Reg Neale, 2014


2018—Bid openings for rebuilding north bay, Bill Brandow and Ann Morton,


National Abolition Hall of Fame, Peterboro, New York, October 21-23, 2022

For more information and to register, go to:

These programs commemorate the anniversary of the organizational meeting of the New York State Anti-slavery Society. Several Quaker men from Farmington M.M. signed the call to this convention (including Orthodox Friends Lorenzo Hathaway, R. Hathaway, Asa B. Smith, William R. Smith, and J.C. Hathaway, along with Hicksite Friends Pliny Sexton, Otis Clapp, Gideon Ramsdell, Elias Durfee, and Elihu Durfee–all from Palmyra Preparative Meeting of Farmington Monthly Meeting. Asa B. Smith and J.C. Hathaway attended this meeting in Peterboro, beginning a lifelong friendship with Gerrit Smith, with profound implications for the developing abolitionist movement.

Seneca Art and Culture Center, Victor, New York, November 11, 2022

Canandaigua Treaty Day, November 11, 2022

Native American Heritage Celebration Day, Memorial Art Gallery, November 13, 2022

Native American Winter Arts Festival & Hodinohso:ni’ Art Show, December 3, 2022

Finally, our next scheduled Board meeting is November 9 via Zoom. Some have suggested that they would like to change this, since so much is going on that week. Suggestions are welcome!

For more information, see Ganondagan website:

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