2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

With equal rights and social justice as our unifying theme, we provided 10 programs that shone a light on our historic legacy of support for Native American land rights, freedom and equality for African Americans and suffrage and equality for women, as well as on current issues reflecting the same values


8 8 2019 Margerie Perez.jpg
Marjorey Allen Perez takes questions on the Underground Railroad


The 1816 Meetinghouse’s history of advocacy and action in support of equality for African Americans and women came to life with presentations by Marjory Allen Perez on the Underground Railroad in Macedon; in two dramatic presentations–David Shakes delivering excerpts of speeches that Frederick Douglass made in Canandaigua and Eunice White as Sojourner Truth “telling it like it is” about her life as a slave and later as a suffragist; and Quaker historian Christopher Densmore on the work of Lucretia Mott, Quaker minister, abolitionist and suffragist.


Members of Akoma Choir singing Gospel


Akoma, an African-American Women’s Gospel Choir, presented a joyous concert of freedom songs. Also, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal with a presentation by Mark DeCracker on mural art as a means of preserving history.


Neil Patterson Jr Tuscarora Nation.jpg
Neil Patterson spoke on Native Americans’ relationship with the Earth


Several programs focused on current issues of social justice—environmental stewardship, contemporary experiences in the LGBTQ+ community, and peaceful conflict resolution. With support from the Indian Affairs Committee of NY Yearly Meeting, environmentalist Neil Patterson, a citizen of the Tuscarora Nation, described indigenous peoples’ unique relationship with the land and how it can serve as a guiding principle in repairing the planet.

Bringing their experiential perspectives to “Fifty Years After Stonewall,” Verdis Robinson, a gay African-American seminary student, spoke of his journey in discovering and embracing his ancestral heritage in the context of contemporary issues of race in America. With the support of the Bacon Fund for Peace & Justice, Old Chatham Friends Meeting, Quaker healer John Calvi described his work and ministry with those living with HIV/AIDS as well as prisoners and survivors of torture.

Finally, we joined Farmington Friends Meeting with an interfaith panel presentation on peaceful alternatives to violence.


1816 information table at Convention Days in Seneca Falls


Historian and board member Judith Wellman was a featured speaker


Verdis Robinson shared his personal journey


Our co-sponsors, Macedon Historical Society, Farmington Friends Meeting, Wood Library and Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, and Friends of Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, enabled us to broaden our reach throughout the region. All of our programs are free and open to the public, and, with support from Wegmans and our volunteers, we were able to welcome our guests with refreshments, as they lingered in conversation with the speakers.

4 24 2019 1.JPG
Orchard Park Friends gifted us with several benches, including an 1816 original.

Group Tours

On a beautiful day in October, 1816 Meetinghouse volunteers welcomed a motorcoach group from the League of Women Voters in Kent, Ohio. Board member Reg Neale presented an illustrated PowerPoint on the history, significance and the future of the site. Then the group toured the historic structure with Judith Wellman, who told the group additional stories and answered questions. A good day, a good tour, and a good time!
If you are interested in a similar tour experience, please contact us by email at: info@farmingtonquakermeetinghouse.org

Visitors from Ohio at the Meetinghouse

Looking Ahead to 2020

With a renewed museum charter through the New York State Education Department, we were excited to have our application approved for a grant from the NYS Suffrage Commission for a robust Centennial series addressing the struggle for women’s suffrage, with a focus on the issues of politics and race. We look forward to the legal transfer of ownership of the historic 1816 building from the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Foundation to the 1816 Trustees.

1816 FQMH stairs 2004.JPG
Archival photo of original window and staircase


We hope to secure historic preservation funding for the next phases of restoration which include work on original windows, one of which is seen in the above photo taken before the building’s move to its current location on land donated by Farmington Friends Meeting.

Photos credits: Stacey VanDenburgh, Charles Lenhart, Dale Jacobs and 1816 Photo Archives


Donors 2019
​Organizational Grants

Canandaigua National Bank
Old Chatham Friends Meeting
New York Yearly Meeting


Individual Contributions

$1000 and Up

Mary and George Hamlin IV
Lu and Kenn Harper
Kathleen Hendrix
Preston Pierce
Stephen Jarose and Marvin
Kathleen Rayburn

$250 – $999
Peter Ingalsbe
Lyle Jenks
Reg and Mary Neale
Meg and Glenn Reed
Richard W. and Susan K. Regen
Jill Strachan
Judy Wellman
Program Attender Donations

$100 – $249
Kathryn Bacon
Carol Elaine and Richard Deys
Linda Doyen
Dante Fuligni
Nancy Hewitt
Gary Hughes
Mary M. Huth
James and Jody Davis
Adrienne G Kantz
Jean and Scott Parker
Ellen Polimeni
Nancy Purdy
Madeline Schmitt
Ann Schumann
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Jean Shafer
Terry and Caroline Shipley
Donald Simkin
Robert Skellan
Howard and Helen Stabler
Marlene and Robert Sutliff
Jill McLellan and John Tornow

Up to $100
Michelle Howland and William A.
Gerogiana Binder
Constance Blood
Susan Boland
Mark Briggs
Patricia and Joseph Brown
Jane H. Burke
Carol A. Kitchen and Shelley
Gladys Cooper
Ezekiel Densmore
Linda Doyen
Adrian Ford
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Dale J. and Mary E. Jacobs
Judy Jensen
Helen H. Kirker
Dennis Lambert
Timothy R. Montroy
Sally S. and Richard E. Mueller
Cassandra Pagano
Vaughn R. and Margot K. Pratt
Cynthia Schwab
Mary Ellen Sweeney
Jean E. Trost
Stacey VanDenburgh
Marile E. Waterstraat
Susan Wood


In-Kind Contributions
In addition to Board Members who contribute countless hours, we appreciate the time, skills and support of volunteers & in kind contributors.

Dave Bruinix
Fran Caraccilo
Laura and Christopher Densmore
Richard and Carol Elaine Deys
Farmington Friends Meeting
Donna Hill-Herendeen
Wayne Jenks
Helen H. Kirker
Mary Neale
Orchard Park Friends Meeting
David Schuh
Cynthia Schwab
Jill McClellan and John Tornow


2019 Board of Trustees

Willie Bontrager
Peter Evans
Doug Fisher
Kenn Harper
Kathleen Hendrix
Lyle Jenks
Charles Lenhart
Ann Morton
Reginald Neale
Barbara Popenhusen
Diane Robinson
Sue Stehling
Stacey VanDenburgh
Judith Wellman